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Hidden Paradise, Batu Karas Beach

After confused with Pangandaran is now too crowded and could not enjoy its beach with calm. Finally we found a beach that is not less beautiful than the Pangandaran. With calm waves and with scene much more enjoyable than Pangandaran is already too commercial (if you ask me).

The beach was named Batu Karas. Located approximately 45 minutes from Green Canyon Pangandaran down stream. Along the way to this beach, the eyes will be treated to views of the calm green water flow Tosca from Green Canyon on the left and the green of paddy fields or plantations of the people on the right. The streets are smooth and undulating further add to the pleasure of a trip to this beach.

To enter this coastal region, we are subject to a levy (yes iyalahh). Because we drove Avanza, retribution of Rp 27,700. The beach area was just beginning construction. Appears many support facilities are still half-finished. Some hotels are still visible being under construction. It seems many investors are keen to build on this beach.

After my search, was indeed this beach is a beach area that in fact often used as jujukan for surfers. There is a site of international surfing spot scanner,, who dared to give 3.5 to this beach (out of 5). From these sites, I obtained information that the waves on the beach this could be for the beginner to intermediate (on the site is written as FUN). As for the surfers who have advanced this beach is too easy to be conquered. The beach is located on the bay, so the waves were relatively benign. From the local surfers, I obtained information that surfing in this region recognize certain times (in other places, too seems to dink). Because the waves are not the same throughout the year. Only in the West wind season the waves can be climbed (please be corrected if wrong). Moreover, the waves are too small to ride.

If in Pangandaran, we will often see fathers boat owners who offer visits to the White Sand dressed fisherman style (long sleeve shirts, long pants plus hat width), then in Batu Karas beach is that we often encounter are local surfers that bare chest, pants crusted Hawaiian and rivet. Almost all of the local surfers is open surf coach to surf or shop equipment. However, during this gentle waves some of them then switch opens Banana Boat rides or Donut Ufo for the visitors. And of course this is beneficial for domestic tourists who rarely can surf (like me).

Oh yes, because the beach is reserved for Batu Karas surfing, then a lot of hotels that made the concept of a better (read: elegant) than Pangandaran. Perhaps because surfers who often come to this beach is mostly foreign tourists.

In addition to surfing, banana boat or donut UFO, this coastal region also has spot for snorkeling. It costs about 1.5 million per day. Including boat rental and instruments with a duration of about 5-6 hours (so it can be extended if you can negotiate with service providers snorkelling spots)

But I prefer this beach than Pangandaran is that we can enjoy the beach with great views freely without being hindered by the seller souvenir stalls. Regions for sellers of souvenirs and snacks around locate the turns in the parking area. With neatly arranged this area, then really enjoy the beach at Batu Karas becomes very hhmm ... relaxing.

For food, this area has a lot of restaurant with a menu of seafood and non-seafood such as lamb roll or even culinary west. For seafood seems the area is still taking the Pangandaran area because when I get there, do not seem any fishing boat. For the price, just calm down .. still makes sense really.

For the hotel, Batu Karas beach area has a hotel with the concept of a more orderly than Pangandaran (in my opinion anyway). Many hotels with the concept of cottage or villa standardnya already high. One of them named Java Cove. Small hotel with a minimalist concept but very comfortable.

Unfortunately, because I just stopped at Batu Karas beach and did not get to spend the night, then my experience of this region so lacking. I shall be back !!
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